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This Markdown file is a simple example of a blog post for Alloy. It contains some basic Markdown as well as what we call YAML at the top of the file, which will be the nerve center of your posts.

Alloy processes standard Markdown, which allows for formatting content using just plain text. You'll notice that this text is bolded and that this text is italicized. You can also easily add links to text like so.

If you open this file in your text editor you'll see the various tags we've used to format this post as well as the YAML Front Matter section at the top of the file. For more information on formatting your content as well as the required YAML header, be sure to read through the Alloy documentation on creating posts. We also have several video tutorials, on various topics, to get you started with Alloy.

Innodat ist offizieller Claris FileMaker Partner

Als offizieller Claris FileMaker Partner verfügt unser Team über die aktuellsten Werkzeuge zur Entwicklung und Implementierung Ihrer individuellen Datenbanklösung. Innodat ist Claris Reseller, Claris Hosting Provider, Claris Partner Consultant, sowie Mitglied der Programme FBA, SBA und ETA.
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Innodat AG
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CH-4450 Sissach
Tel. +41 (0)61 539 19 39

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